Хорошо суббота! Khorosho subbota! (Good Shabbos!)

Well today’s Russian menu brings Shabbos Theme Week to an end… I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did! I must give a general apology to all my Italian, Asian, Latino and Russian readers out there if I did not stay true to authentic ethnic cuisine. Again, I use the excuse of being a Jewish girl from Canada! (Oy… if my Polish and Russian ancestors could hear me!) I found planning these menus a lot of fun, which is strange for me, since it tends to be the hardest part for me when planning a meal… I love the cooking, I don’t mind the shopping (though I seriously suggest everyone gets a boyfriend like mine that does all my weekly shopping for me!). The part I get stuck on is what to serve. Having a theme really helps, ’cause it takes the options from limitless to something more controlled. In my mind anyway. On that note, please enjoy today’s menu and Good Shabbos!

Russian Menu

Buen día de Reposo (Good Shabbos!)

Hola mis amigos! Today is Mexican day! Today’s Shabbos menu is all based on a Latin palate. A little spice, a little smoke… and some sweetness thrown in! Personally, I LOVE Mexican food! Always have.. except for the dreaded cilantro! Aka the “scary spice”, cilantro tends to be used heavily in Latin cuisine. I find that in most cases, you can omit it or substitute with parsley. Yes, I know, this no longer makes it authentic, but I’m a Jewish girl from Canada, how authentic was it really going to be? So to all native Latinos out there, please forgive me, and enjoy!
Mexican Menu

良好的安息日 Liánghǎo de ānxírì! (Good Shabbos!)

Today’s menu is following an Asian theme… a little of the exotic far east to help warm us up. Has it always been this cold in February? Well, no matter where in the world you are, I’m sure today’s menu will transport you and your Shabbos table to the banks of the Yangtze River. Again, this portions in this menu will serve 6 to 8 people.

Asian Menu

Buona Sabbath!

A big concern in a Jewish home every week is what to make for Shabbos (the Sabbath). No one wants the same thing, again and again, but yet, since it happens every week (like clockwork), you wind up getting stuck in a rut. To help alleviate this problem, I thought this week could be Shabbos Theme Week! Every day I will be giving you a different menu, from soup to nuts, based on a food theme. Today’s menu? Italian! The menu will serve 6 to 8 people, and of course, is delicious!

Italian Menu