The National Dish of Italy?

Italian Cuisine

So when I looked up online what were the national dishes of Italy, I got three: Lasagna, Pizza and Polenta. Well, I already did a lasagna recipe (it was my first post! Click here for the reference). Pizza?! I could do an entire week on pizza alone! Thin crust, thick crust, deep dish, veggie, cheese-less, oy! The options are endless! And polenta? Personally, I love it. It’s rich and creamy, comforting and yet kinda fancy at the same time. But truth be told, outside of Italian families, not many North Americans know about its wonders. Well, I take that back, some people here do know about polenta, but they call it grits, and it’s a whole other ballgame.

So, to me, when I want to think of a big festive Italian dinner… one where I’m trying to impress someone, I think of Osso Bucco. Traditionally made with veal shanks, it can be done with beef or lamb shanks instead for those that are wary of veal. Heck, truthfully, it can be done with any well muscled piece of meat, as the steps that you are using to prepare it are simple. Sear. Flavour. Braise. That’s it. The benefit of using the shank bone is the amazing marrow that cooks along with the meat, adding delicious flavour, and for those not watching (or not caring about) their cholesterol, spread on a piece of bread, sprinkled with a little salt…. I’m in heaven! So today’s recipe is for the aforementioned dish… from my cucina to yours, mangiare bene and buona notte!