Happy Birthday Mamma!

Happy Birthday

Okay, for those who might not yet have figured it out, it’s my mom’s birthday today! Happy 29th Mom! Okay, so she’s not 29, ’cause that would make me… well, impossible, but that is beside the point. The real point is that it’s her birthday and she should be celebrated! Last night she got to go to the symphony and this weekend she will be surrounded by most of her children for Shabbous (the ones who live in the city, those that live out of town… well, you’re just not trying hard enough!) One of the birthday traditions that my family has is the Friday night (or the whole Shabbous if you’re lucky) closest to your birthday you get to plan the menu. It is made up of your favourite foods, regardless of what they are. Regardless I say! Yes, so when it was my little cousin’s birthday, and his favourite food was chicken nuggets and french fries from a certain fast food establishment, my mother went out an got Styrofoam containers and ketchup packets so she could dish up “happy-meals” of her own for his birthday meal. Now while my mother’s tastes are slightly more refined than mystery “chicken” in the shape of a “nugget” (exactly where on the bird is a nugget found?) She does always make a request for beef-a-roni. The quintessential comfort food of pasta, tomato sauce and ground beef that you just can’t resist. Fortunately for me, and my week’s theme, my mother also loves Moroccan dishes, and will not be insulted if instead of a pasta recipe, I post today one for a exotic, flavourful chicken to be served with a couscous chocked full of vegetables and North African spices. Knowing my Mom, she’d be just as happy, knowing that she didn’t have to cook either one 🙂 Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!