Mea Culpa!

Mea CuplaFirst off I want to apologize to my loyal readers for not posting so far this week. I came down with a wicked case of Stomach Flu, and those that have been there can imagine that food was the last thing I wanted to be thinking, or writing, about. But, the worst is pass, and I’m well on the way to recovery. So that’s my first apology. My second is to all the dads out there! I did a whole week tribute to moms for Mother’s Day, and I kinda am lacking for the same homage to dads. So for that, I am sorry, and please don’t think that I think any less of fathers than I do mothers. I’m lucky, I have both and amazing dad and amazing mom, so win-win!

Seeing as there are only two days left for me to post before Father’s Day hits, I thought I’d give you two recipes today and two tomorrow. Today’s will be a side dish and a dessert, both that we made last year for our Father’s Day BBQ. They were a hit! I hope you like them too!