All’s Well That Ends…. Well, I Guess All Ends

Morocco Dream

Well here we are on the last day of Moroccan week, and to be honest… I have no idea how to end it… how’s that for the blunt truth? Yes, I have a great dessert recipe (Baklava for those that are asking), but a cute, kitschy blog? nope, sorry, fresh out! Sorry, it’s been a crazy week for me, and it is shaping up to be an even crazier weekend. I have a Bar-Mitzvah out of town for the son of friends of mine (how did I get old enough that my friends have children who are Bar-Mitzvah age?) and then on Sunday I leave for a trade show in Chicago for a few days. Yes, Chicago in November. I’m a glutton for punishment. So I guess you can understand why I’m having difficulty sticking to my week’s theme. Well, I guess I could fantasize about being in Morocco. About the warm air and golden sands… the Bedouin tents and foreign calls of the marketplace…. okay, I think I just accidentally sent myself somewhere back to Persia and Ali Baba’s days. Oh well, why don’t I just quit while I’m ahead and wish you all a good weekend and pray for the strength to get through mine!