Mother Sauces – Day 1

Mother SaucesSo thanks to last Friday’s post about pasta, it got me thinking about sauces. There are literally thousands of different types out there, but there is a root to most of them. What is this root? The Mother Sauces – five classic french sauces that act as the base for an unbelievable amount of variations. So this week, I will be going through each of the Mother Sauces, and giving you the recipe for the main sauce and some of the variations off of it. This is in no way a complete listing of each sauce’s potential, as there are both classic variations and those that are being created as we speak (or type or read, you get the idea).

Today’s sauce is the Velouté (veh-loo-tay) and it is one of the five mother sauces of classical cuisine. It can be made with any white stock, but the most common version is the chicken velouté, which is made with chicken stock. There’s also a veal velouté and a fish velouté. Note that the velouté is not itself a finished sauce — that is to say, it isn’t typically served as is. You could, however, simply season it with salt and pepper and use it much as you would a basic gravy. All the chicken and turkey gravies your mom or grandma made would fall into the velouté category, along with these sauces:

• Bercy = shallots + white wine + fish stock + velouté + butter + parsley
• Normandy = fish stock + fish velouté + mushrooms + liaison
• Allemande = veal/chicken velouté + liaison
• Suprême = chicken velouté + cream

Check out today’s recipes to get the details on the variations above! And tomorrow’s sauce? Béchamel!

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