Ahhh… Friday!

TGIFI love Fridays! I really think it must be my favourite day of the week. Besides only having a half day at work (did I mention I love working for an Orthodox Jewish company?) I get to look forward to both the weekend and to Shabbos (the Sabbath). Growing up, my family was not always as observant as they later became, and we went through different stages of keeping kosher and Shabbos. But even when we were at our least observant, we still had Friday Night Dinner with the family and candles were lit and the blessing over the wine and bread said. It was cultural as much as religious. As I got older, and my days were spent working and my nights (and remaining parts of the weekends) were spent out with friends, I became even more grateful for Shabbos. It was a guaranteed block of time (25 hours at least) where the world just stopped. No phones ringing, no email beeping, no running here or there. I could spend time with my friends and family (or not) eating a good meal, playing a board game or cards, or my family’s favourite activity, reading! The time was spent reflecting on the week past, the week coming, and the gifts that G-d has given us in both. Of course, there was always some sort of Shabbos treat as well (since desserts tended to be skipped during the week). Today’s recipe is for an Indian treat, to cap off our week of exotic Indian cuisine. I hope you enjoy it, and your weekend, no matter how you spend it!

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