A Proper Cuppa

Cup of TeaMaybe my colonial roots are showing, but I do find that it is hard to find a proper “cuppa” now a days. For those who don’t know, a “cuppa” refers to a cup of tea, properly brewed, of course. So, to solve this very English problem, here is how to do it:

Step 1: Boil water. In a kettle… not a microwave or an instahot. It should be actually boiling, y’know, with bubbles and everything.

Step 2: Take some of said boiling water and pour it into the vessel that you will be brewing your tea, either a single cup or a pot. This warms the vessel. Return the kettle to the heat source and bring it back up to a boil while your vessel warms (just a minute or two).

Step 3: The tea – Place the loose tea or tea bag in your vessel. If you are using a strainer, then put it in your strainer, duh!

Step 4: Pour your now re-boiling hot water over your tea and let it steep for the prescribed amount of time (it will be written on the package your tea came in).

Step 5: If drinking from a single prepared cup, remove the tea bag/strainer. If drinking from a pot, pour the tea. Either way, sip and enjoy your tea!

Okay, so I can’t solve the world’s problems… I can’t even fix my hair properly, but at least now I have taught you all how to make a cuppa… I think I deserve a treat 🙂

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