Italians… My “Other” Mishpacha

Jews & ItaliansHave you ever noticed how similar the Jews and Italians are? Is it just me? It can’t be just me! We both are family centred, religion driven cultures, who spend way too much time focusing on food and guilt! Yes, there are major differences, but they are so obvious, there is no need to focus on them. I rather look at our similarities and see how we stack up to our “brothers from another mother”. Mainly due to religious reason, we have large families, with multiple generations often living in the same household or neighbourhood. This means, in addition to your parents, you have your aunts and uncles (Memas & Fetas for the Yids and Zie & Zii for the Italians), your grandparents (Bubbe & Zaidie and Nonna & il Nonno), not to mention a whole slew of cousins raising you and your siblings. You can never hide! But, that also means that you have tons of people slipping you sweets and many a table to eat at. And yes, that is a big similarity. Both the Jews and Italians know how to eat! Multiple courses, many dishes at each, never ending plate after plate… whether it’s in Yiddish, Hebrew, English or Italian, food is a common language! So on that note, welcome to Italian week… Mangiare!

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