How Sweet It Is

Maple Orchard FarmsOne of the great things about working for COR is that I get the chance to meet wonderful people from all over the world who are doing what they love. They are dedicated to making the best product they can, and we in turn, are dedicated to making sure that it meets the highest standard of kosher. Being Canada’s largest kosher certifier, we are of course going to have maple syrup as one of the many products that we certify. I mean, how could we not? One of the several syrup manufacturers that we represent is Maple Orchard Farms; a small facility located in Bracebridge, Ontario. Under the careful eye of David Knappett, Maple Orchard Farms produces high quality delicious Syrup and syrup products such as Maple Butter and Maple Sugar. This week, I will be highlighting maple recipes using these ingredients, so I invite you to check them out and check out David’s website at for more information. Today’s recipe is a bit fancy-shmancy, but would be a great one to store in your repertoire for date night. I changed up the recipe a bit, but the version that I had came from the Toronto Star, and that version had come from The Rocky Mountaineer Culinary Team. As for the photo with the recipe, that is from Tara Walton of the Toronto Star. Okay, everyone got credit… it is safe to move on and eat!

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