New Year’s Countdown – 9 Days To Go!

Rosh Hashana

It’s that time of year again! No, not to get your spot early at Time’s Square, but to prepare for the Jewish High Holidays and the non-stop cycle of prayer services and eating! This year, Rosh HaShanah falls out on a Wednesday evening, meaning that it will go directly into Shabbat. This means more and more cooking ahead of time, and no breaks between the bounty of the New Year and the Shabbat meals! Ladies and gentlemen… loosen your belts, pop your antacid of choice, and get your celebration started!

One of the ways we celebrate is by eating symbolic foods that promote blessings, health and well being throughout the year. Some of theses are Dates, Apples and Honey, Small Beans, Beets, Leeks, Gourd/Squash, Pomegranate, Fish Heads (or Lamb for the brave!), and a new fruit on the second night of the holiday. Each day I’m going to give you some neat ideas on how to switch up serving these tasty treats. But don’t be limited by the ingredients listed above! Get creative! One year, someone served Celery; so that we’d be blessed to merit a raise in our “Salary”. Use different languages, play on words. Just remember that it’s so that we should merit blessings and well being throughout the year, for our families, our people and and the world around us. Amen!

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