Vegetarian Week Day 1 – Herbivores Unite!

Heart Veggies

Yesterday I attended the 30th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival here in Toronto down at Harbourfront. Now personally I’m a carnivore. Give me meat, and lots of it! But I do see the lighter side of the food pyramid every now and then. While I may not be trading in turkey for tofurkey any day soon, I definitely enjoy a good salad and there are wonderful things that can be done with root vegetables. This week, to support the new friends I made, I will be posting vegetarian (okay, there will be dairy) recipes. So while there will be no meat, there will be lots of flavour! If you all like it, I may even do some vegan or gluten-free recipes one week as well, so drop me a line if you have special requests. In the meanwhile, let’s let our four-legged animals friends relax a bit and get our veg on!

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