Foods that Scream Passover! – It Starts Tonight!

So there are certain traditional foods that just scream “Passover” to me. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure!

1. Egg Lokshen

Since flour-base noodles are out, many people make thin crepe-like pancakes out of eggs and potato starch, which they then roll up and cut into strips, forming kosher-for-Passover noodles (“lokshen” in Yiddish) which taste marvelous in chicken soup.

2. Macaroons

MacaroonsYep, you knew that macaroons would be on this list somewhere. These are not the pretty, delicate French Macaroons that come in a million colours, but they tend to be just as expensive. You either love ’em, or hate ’em! (I love them!)
3. Syrupy, Sweet Seder Wine

At one time, this kind of wine was so ingrained as a Jewish wine preference that Schapiro’s Wine advertised (in Yiddish) that their wine was so thick you could almost cut it with a knife! Thankfully, there are hundreds of high-quality kosher wines out there, but we respect the traditionalists who like the old thick stuff.

4. Jelly-Fruit Slices
Jelly FruitI personally never really got these… I don’t see the temptation, but I know those that would fight over the last one of these strangely sweet, sugary treats.

 5. Soup Mandlen
Mandlen These are my personal favourite at the seder table. These are the old fashioned treats that everyone had before the Israeli Ossem soup squares became main stream.

What are your favourite Passover Foods? I hope you have them this holiday and I wish you and yours a healthy and happy Passover! Chag Kosher v’Samayach!

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