Crock Pot Week Day 2 – The Benefits of Slow-Cooking

Slow Turtle

So we all know the obvious benefit of crock-pot cooking… it’s having a nice hot meal ready and waiting for you! But what are some of the other benefits that you might not have thought of? Here’s one for you: Economics! Not only does a crock-pot use very little electricity to run, it also doesn’t heat up your whole kitchen and house the way leaving your oven on would. True we may be starting the early days of Fall, but you still don’t want your oven to make your whole house feel like an oven! And speaking of economy… when you slow cook, having the meat basting in its own juices for hours, you can use tougher, usually less expensive cuts of meat. The meats that seem a good price, but all that fat and connective tissue? FLAVOUR! The slow cooking will give it time to melt away and make a moist delicious roast! One last plug for the use of crock-pots: Safety! As a person who tends to be a bit (read: Majorly!) klutzy, it’s a lot safer to have a small, contained appliance plugged in all day or overnight, rather than leaving your oven or stove-top on, even on low. Anything that can help me cut down on kitchen accidents is A+ in my books!

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