Hello Dolly!

Hello DollySo back in the 60’s there was a musical that took Broadway (and the world) by storm called “Hello Dolly!”. It stared Carol Channing and was about a meddlesome woman who considered herself a matchmaker and had quite a few scenes all revolving around the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant. How this actually relates to the dessert bars, I’m not 100% sure, but supposedly a little girl named Alecia Leigh Couch of Dallas, Texas, entered the recipe (which she borrowed from her Grandmother) in a baking contest held by Clementine Paddleford (America’s first food journalist). When published in the September 19, 1965 edition of the Syracuse Post-Standard, Ms. Paddleford wrote: “The “Hello Dolly” name was Alecia’s idea. “No need even to mess us a bowl,” Alecia writes, “and that’s the big reason why I call this my favorite cake recipe. And of course it’s good!” 

Again, how this relates? No clue… Maybe ’cause Dolly liked things easy? Who knows… what I do know though, is the bars are incredibly easy to make and easier to eat! So enjoy!

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