Dessert Bars! All Ages Allowed!

Dessert BarSo two brownies walked into a bar… ouch! What? You haven’t heard that one before? That’s right, it’s bar week…. dessert bar week that is (sorry… maybe one week I will do drinks. Hey, how about I do drinks one week? Good idea!) So this week is all about dessert bars… not cookies and not cakes, but 2 to 3 bite wonderful bars sent from Heaven to torment us with these horrible things call calories.. Wow.. I’m in a weird mood today, sorry.

Back to the desserts. So these are all going to be hand hold-able sweets that will hit the spot. Seeing as how it is so cold out, and I am Canadian… let’s start out with Nanaimo Bars. The exact origin of the bar is unknown, though it is attributed to Nanaimo, British Columbia. The earliest confirmed printed copy of the recipe using the name “Nanaimo Bars” appears in the Edith Adams’ prize cookbook from 1953. A copy of the book is on view at the Nanaimo museum.

Other unconfirmed references date the bars back to the 1930s, when it was said to be known locally as “chocolate fridge cake”. Some New Yorkers claim the recipe originated in New York and refer to them as “New York Slices”. However, Tim Hortons coffee shops, a Canadian chain, sell them in New York as “Nanaimo bars”. One modern reference even refers to the bars’ existing in nineteenth century Nanaimo. Well, whatever they’re called, and wherever they originated, they are a yummy no-bake layered dessert bar that tends to have 2 main variations: original and mint. I’m going to be giving you the original version, plus the additions needed if you wish to go minty!

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