What the What?!

Snowy WeatherOkay, for any of you that live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), you will have woken up this morning to snow… lots and lots of snow! Now, yes, I do realize that this is Canada. We’re supposed to have snow… but c’mon people! As someone who relies on public transit to get around, let me tell you, when there is this much white stuff on the ground, it is NOT fun. It took me two and a half times as long to get to work. Yes, I went to work. I’m just that kinda gal, though admittedly I was praying for an email from my boss saying work was cancelled for the day.

Well, I’m here, so let’s get the show on the road. This week’s theme is cookies! Yummy, yummy cookies! Today’s in fact is one of my favourite kind, a nice big soft and chewy ginger molasses cookie. Yes, I know I posted a recipe for this during Gluten-Free week (click here to see it), but here’s one that is a wee bit simpler to make since you’re not using alternative ingredients. And did I mention it’s my favourite? Since I’m writing this blog, then I get to choose :)

Tune in tomorrow to see what cookie Tuesday will bring! I promise it won’t be ginger molasses!

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