The Chinese Connection

Christmas Chinese FoodThere is an old tradition that Jews and Chinese Food on Christmas go hand in hand. How this started? When? Who knows… the most likely would have been, it’s Christmas Eve, and you’re hungry. Back in the day, most of the restaurants owned by Christians would be closed in order to celebrate the holiday. This left the non-Christian restaurants open, i.e.: The Chinese ones. Yes, I know there are Christian Chinese. However it is not the main religion in China, and according to studies, it;s not even close to being the main. So that brings us back to the Chinese restaurants being open on December 24th.

There are even a funny collection of photos available online that show signs posted outside Chinese restaurants thanking their Jewish clientele for their patronage. David Mamet, a cartoonist and humorist is credited with starting the urban legend cartoon that is today’s photo. Well, no matter if it’s just a tradition or heavenly mandated, this week, in honour of Christmas, I will be posting Chinese recipes for some of my favourite dishes. Enjoy and 節日快樂 or for you non-Chinese speakers, Happy Holidays!

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