New Year’s Countdown – 8 Days To Go!

Honey New Year

Well it’s 8 days to go… Have you started cooking yet? It’s all about being organized! In my mother’s house, especially when cooking for large meals or preparing a lot in advance, we use the disposable tin-foil (aluminum) pans that come with a matching disposable lid. This way they’re easy to stack, easy to label and no washing up after! They can go in the freezer, fridge and oven or over a hot-plate warmer. Just remember to never put metal in the microwave! Another tip, if you are freezing your dishes to be eaten later, make sure to let them cool before placing them in the freezer. By putting a hot dish in the freezer, you bring change the temperature of the foods that are being stored next to, above or below your hot dish, and that could alter the food safety of the surrounding foods. No one wants food poisoning for their New Year’s wish! Enjoy, and be safe!

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